Problem with sweep1 / pipe

hello, I´ve problem to get a pipe around a curve. error.pdf (150.0 KB)
I´ve always the same sections, where the pipe is not build up. I tried the sweep1 and pipe, but no chance. Can anybody help me? Many thanks in advance

Hi Benjamin,

It’s hard to tell what is wrong without the actual model.
Can you post the curve you need to pipe? Or just the part that causes trouble.


Hi William, thank you for your fast reply. Attached a jpg and the 3dm file. Hope curve wo pipe.3dm (116.1 KB) Hope you receive it well.

To me it all works, both the pipe, both the Sweep1. I used a tolerance of 0.1 and all is well. Also check you!
(for once that one pipe works!)

Many thanks, it was just the tolerance. Sorry, I am still a starter. This forum works!

Hi Ben - please do not set the tolerance to .1, this will lead to other problems later on - or, if you do do this, set it back after you make the pipe, but of course this should not be necessary at all. Here, .01 is fine here, by the way, as it .001, so I don’t know what it is that is preventing its working for you.