Pipe command error

Hi. Im a product designer working with rhino everyday, and recently more often than not i get problems with the pipe command.

it shows in the way that the pipe thickness isn’t constant but it varies. sometimes the pipe is also twisted following a curve.

It can work to explode the curve and rejoin it for the problem to go away (as in the example below) but other times i find no way around it. any ideas?



It would be good to have an example of a curve that doesn’t work correctly to test… Otherwise, it’s difficult to know where the problem might be. Sounds often like it might be a problem with the input curve if exploding/joining fixes it. Can you post a 3dm file with a curve to test?


here you go!

pipeerror.3dm (489.9 KB)

OK, that is interesting. Does look buggy in V5 with FitRail=No, works OK in V6 - although I would have expected 4 seams/4 surfaces, not just 2… Both V5 and V6 work with FitRail=Yes. --Mitch

PipeV6-V5.3dm (301.5 KB)