Pipe command makes weird twists

Hello Everyone
This might be a small issue, but I can’t seem to find anything explaining why this happens, and also I can’t find a pattern as to when it happens. But sometimes when I try to pipe a curve it creates these weirds twists / knots. Why does this happen? Sometimes I can get rid of simply by exploding the curve and re-joining it… but it just seems so weird to me. Can someone help?

your curves with which you create the pipes have different directions.

Sounds logical - how do I change directions of these curves?

I can’t make accurate suggestions without the file, but you can try rotating the circle sections about their axes and monitor the result.

Tallerken_Holder_4.3dm (3.0 MB)

Here’s the file - can you access it? Im not sure what you mean by rotating the circle sections… sorry

Which version of rhino do you have?

I have Rhino6 and it created the pipe without twists.

I’ve got Rhino 5… do you think that’s where the problem is? How strange. But that’s the thing… I think it’s weird that I can just explode the pipe, and then re-join it and the twists are gone (sometimes)…. maybe it’s a bug in rhino 5?

Hi @pascal,

Do you know if this is a known bug in Rhino5?

Hello - in V5, run SimplifyCrv on the path curve before piping… seems to sort it out.


Thank you - I’ll try that out. Thank you for your help!

It worked perfectly! Thank you