Bug report: pipe connection failure

Hello there,

I’m facing a bug with _Pipe. When using the command on several curves the connection between pipes fails, whereas when I use the command on the individual curves it works fine.

Here is the file:
buggy pipe.3dm (48.6 KB)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use _Pipe on both curves at the same time, radius 0.15, FitRail=No
  2. Do the same on each curve individually.

Result when using _Pipe on the two curves at the same time:

Result when using _Pipe on each curve individually, one at a time:

Edit, forgot the Rhino version:

Rhino 8 SR5 2024-3-12 (Rhino 8, 8.5.24072.13001, Git hash:master @ e3530849b75f00b2b977766a567ae29b055837e9)

Yeah, this does look like a bug to me, it seems to be caused by the curves being slightly out of planar. It should work anyway, as it obviously does if you run one at a time.

There must be a difference in the multiple pipe code stream that is causing this. It looks to me like it uses a different tolerance, if you lower the file absolute tolerance to 0.01, the multiple pipe works.

Created a bug report for this:

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