Reverse engineering a pipe

I wonder if someone can assist me with this?

Is there any way to generate a curve from a pipe that has lost its original curve? Is there a command for it, or is it possible to write a script, or has anyone written one?

What I’m trying to do is change the diameter of a pipe that has bends in it. Tried boxedit. Doesn’t seem to work. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.


I presume the GUMBALL will do that.

Or you can simple put your TOP VIEW and then export to DWG… After, turn back Rhino and open that DWG in 2D top view and extrude that curve.

Or you can try MAKE2D to get all views from that solid.

Or, try to change Display modes… Perhaps you change the Curve Edges Options without pay attention and turn off all edges or isocurves…

If you post a sample here it is best for us to understand what is exactly your trouble.

There was a script floating around for this, but I can’t find it - looked on Pascal’s page but no luck. There were several manual ways of doing this, IIRC, running TweenCurves (with number=1) between the pipe’s longitudinal seam curve and an extracted isocurve on the opposite side of the pipe is one…


Thank you, Mitch. I appreciate that.

Try this one…

Hey @Wim,

Sorry I took so long to react. Thank you. I will definitely check it out.


Hey all.

How do you register an alias?

If you take a look at the script that was linked to, you will see there is a call to the Rhino.AddAlias method.

Thank you much, will have a look.