Pictureframe shows only diagonal colored lines until moved

Quite often when I insert larger pictures with pitcture frame this happens:

And then I have to move the pictureframe a bit for it to update.
So how can I prevent it from happening so I always get the expected result:

Today it’s quite consistent toggeling between the lines and the propper display for every second time I do somehting. (move scale, drag)

@DavidEranen related to any of the texture mapping stuff you’ve been working on recently?

@Holo I tried to reproduce this with a couple of 4k pictures, but no luck. Would it be possible to attach a model and a picture with which you can reliably reproduce the issue? Could you also paste the System Information from Rhino?


I’ve the same problem, diagonal lines in a picture frame, sometimes appearing.
When the view is changed or an object is moved the picture returns to normal.

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No, unfortunately I have not found a reliable way to reproduce it, nor have I time to do so, but IF it suddenly appear to be a fixed pattern I will absolutely supply an example! I’ll keep my eyes open!

Picture Frame Error.3dm (3.5 MB)

I’m having this problem too. I can’t line up the image with the appropriate objects in my model because when I get close the image turns into lines. I could just move all of the other objects in my model, I assume. I figured that I would help get to the bottom of this.

That’s weird,

I closed Rhino and re-opened the same file 2x and was having the error both times. After responding to you, I just closed it and re-opened the file and the error hasn’t come back.

Go figure.