Picture (PictureFrame) export to DWG

I come to do another export with raster image.

It fails.

I have read all this,
I used the TestSucktextureIntoBitmapTable command.
selected my raster image,

I then select the entire 2D plan drg and the raster image, export as 2004 solid dwg, tick texture, open result, no raster image.

I go edit undo and see no command testSuck etc to undo.
I place the jpg image into same folder as the exported dwg, still no better.

What is there that is failing us with exporting raster images that feature in the project as a dwg ?

experimented. first try without TestSuckTextureIntoBitmaptable command.
Place jpg into folder dwg will be saved to, then place that bitmap into the project.
success !
We all place rasters from various sources into our projects, however doing so causes dwg export failure !

It is no use placing the jpg into the dwg folder after dwg export, or even before. One has to think ahead, any jpg’s being used in the project MUST GO INTO THE LOCATION THE DWG IS SAVED TO before placing them into the project ! then they will export with the dwg, and remember to send them with the dwg file !

It only works with rasters placed from folders into which the dwg will be saved !

Now if the recipient receives jpg’s and dwg and places all into a folder I cant test to see if it works as I dont have autocad

experiment 2.
use the TestSuck…command, export the raster with project, that was placed following the new rule above, place the dwg into a new folder away from the raster higher up the address, and it opens with the raster, so TestSuck…command works, no need to send rasters separately.

only thing was it gains a black border and white is now a light pale dull grey.


You posted to a 2 year old thread with a slightly different issue, so your message was ignored.
I’m split it off to it’s own New thread.