Exporting bitmaps to dwg / or obj

Hey guys,

This is a long shot, but our Rhino file has many bitmap images that are in the file as a reference, but are attached to specific objects. We have an Autocad person who wants to take over the project so we want to export the bitmaps and the objects of course as a dwg file. Is there any way, maybe, to be able to include the bitmaps?

How about if we export them as an obj?

Doesn’t look like it but … just checking: )

Thank you.

Hi Cosmas - if the images are applied as textures to objects, then export as obj should point the material of the object to the image, but you’ll need to send the image along with the obj and mtl files that exporting creates. DWG seems to pay attention to the texture as well, at least round-tripping in Rhino.