Picture Frames

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Say, I have to put icons of the same size into Rhino so I’ve copied picture frames, however when I change the icon in one it changes the others. How do I have it so each picture frame has a different icon (png)?

The image that a specific surface displays is a color texture file that has been applied to the surface. The PictureFrame command does this in one operation, but you can manually change the image assigned as the color texture manually.

Select the surface
In the Properties Panel, select the Material icon
In the Textures section you see the Color has an image file assigned to it.
Select the three browsing dots and choose a different image.

Hmm, they’re still linked when I do it this way (all changing to the same
image). I really appreciate the reply though.

Are they block instances?
If they are, updating the block definition will then cause all of the instances that use that definition to update as you describe.

probably can’t copy the frames.

Okay. So I had the wrong picture frame option chosen in the drop-down was
the problem. It’s working now.