Rhino Picture Frame Material - New Rhino update changed how they behave

Hello, hope someone would be able to help out with this. I’ve always been able to have multiple clipped surfaces that were made from trimming away a jpeg. When the jpeg would get updated, I would click select one of the surfaces and in the material panel be able to update the jpeg and all of the pieces would get updated at the same time with the new jpeg. Easy. With the new Rhino update, this process behaves differently now. When I go to update one of the pieces, a new material is created with that new jpeg. All the other pieces keep the old jpeg. If I want all the other pieces to update as well, I would need to click on each one individually and update every single one. Not only is it time consuming, but Rhino also creates tons of new materials for each piece. If the jpeg gets updated again, instead of a few seconds to update, it can take over 20 minutes. Anyone know what is happening? Is there a setting that maybe someone how turned on to create a new instance of a material anytime a jpeg is updated? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jozef - here, if I change the bitmap in the Picture material, the change is applied to all the pieces. Can you provide an example and a blow by blow ‘for 5 year olds’ to reproduce?


Sure thing. First I drag a jpeg into the Rhino window. Select “Picture” for the Image Options. Size it correctly in the Top view. Now I align my cut paths on top of the placed image. Select everything and use trim or split to separate into individual pieces. Now they can be individually positioned. If I check the Materials panel, there is only one material created for the jpeg. Now let’s say I want to update that texture. I click on one surface, go to the Material panel to update. Scroll down to “Picture” section and in the Texture box click the radio button to browse for a new jpeg. When I click ok, Rhino updates that piece only, and creates a new material for it. None of the other pieces are updated with the new jpeg.

Hi Jozef - OK - I edited the material in the Materials panel, not on the object’s Properties.


Got it - I just edited in the Materials panel and it was able to update all the pieces. Strange since I’ve always been doing it in the object Properties and its always been able to update all the pieces at the same time until the newest update. Thank you! We can change the process to always update in the Materials panel.

Hi Jozef - I tried it your way and it also works - as I’d expect. Is the material shown as ‘Picture’ and are you just clicking on the ‘…’ to go out and find a different bitmap?

You should also see the light yellow info at the top about editing a unique copy(?)


Hi Pascal, yes that’s the same button. Can I send you the file to take a look? I just tried it in a basic new file and it worked but in a working file with more pieces, it tends to keep creating a new material. And that’s without clicking the “create a unique editable copy” I do see that light yellow box in my Rhino.

Hi Jozef - sure, PM me an example or post it here.


I’m having a really hard time finding these three dots in Rhino 8…

Rhino 6/7 at least looked like Windows 2000… why are we back to looking like Windows 95 now?