Picture Frame Problem - Repeated Image

Hi this is my first post on this forum, although I have been a longtime Rhino user.

Im building a model for a 5 acre development site & have been placing Trees into the drawing as trimmed Picture Frames (see image)

However, sometimes when I drag one of the Picture Frame objects too far away from the model, other times randomly, the mapping of the PNG onto the Picture Frame changes & instead appears as the image tiled many times.

Im not sure what is causing this - whether my computer is running out of memory or there is some issue with the file path?
This also happens when I copy/paste a picture frame from another 3dm drawing into the working drawing.

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi Ryan - I don’t know, off hand, but are the objects very far from the World origin (Use EvaluatePt and snap to a corner of the plane).


Yes. When i run the EvaluatePt command and snap to a corner it reads
Point in world coordinates = 14208.44,9785.63,0.00 CPlane coordinates = 14208.44,9785.63,0.00