Changing Image in Picture Frame

My server got updated, screwing up my picture frames.

I updated the material>texture>colors file.

Now the image does not fit the pictureframe when you scroll, the subset of the image visible changes. How can I restore the image as it was before the file moved.

Hi Jim - I don’t know… I’ll have to try to make this happen here and see if I can sort it out - you had the images go missing and then you restored them one by one and re-associated the images with the planes in Properties, correct?

So far I cannot make anything go wrong with Pictureframes, I guess I need more info.


I eventually got it to work by playing with the settings and restarting Rhino. I had to restart Rhino more than once so it was a combination of the two.

I have gotten some to work fine. This makes me think I was encountering some other bug that just happened to show up like this.