Picture frame. textures

I have two surfaces.
One of these “Picture Frame”
And second “open surface”.
How to take material from PictureFrame and assign to another surface?
The material is in the list. I’m trying to appoint, but it’s not working.

PictureFrame.3dm (806.7 KB)

If you could re-upload the 3dm in your original post, it appears to have not completed properly.


Hello- you can assign the material from the Materials panel, but that does not make the target into a Picture, which always shows its render material - you can set the object display mode to rendered as a workaround.



Thanks Pascal!
I used it, but it creates unnecessary shadows. Orange color changes greatly.
and edges changes also

Why the SetObjectDisplayMode does not act on original PictureFrame?

Is it possible to take attributes from the pictureframe
And assign it to a regular surface or polysurf?