Picture frame - the right toll for insert pictures before rendering

hey there,
i just started to design in a 3D application and need help. i had to insert some pictures with different content and used the picture frame tool. No problems so far. But after rendering the jpgs in it look like overexposed. Did i make any mistake by the lightning or is picture frame not the right tool??

please take a look at the pictures…

thanks a million!

PictureFrames are special objects that will look shaded in any display mode. I generally will not use these in rendering but rather insert the image needed in the color channel of a material instead. It is however possible to use the pictureframes you have set up already by enabling “diffuse lighting” in the advanced settings of the material they have applied to them. Open the Material editor and select the material>advanced settings to see this option.

Maybe a bit of a long workaround, but what I like to do is just render the surfaces blank and insert the rendered images in Photoshop. This way I have a lot of control over the colors, contrast, etc. You can even use advanced overlay options to keep the shadows of other objects that project onto the wall.

Thanks a lot for your help! I´m looking forward to learning more about 3D Renderings…