Can Surfaces with textures act like pictureframes?

Hi there,

Is there a way that I can take textures surfaces or polysurfaces and display their textures in shaded mode? There should be something special with pictureframes that their textures are displayed but I don’t know what. Can I change a preference of a polysurface so that it acts like a pictureframe?

Assign an image as the color texture.
Disable diffuse lighting in the Advanced settings panel
Use SetObjectDispalyMode to Rendered in the viewport you want it to always display in.

The surface made with the PictureFrame command has a couple other things turned on that make it work in all viewports but those settings will get you what you want I think.

The other option is to make a PictureFrame and replace the Texture color image file.

Thank you very much. SetObjectDisplayMode helped!!