Picture Frame Pixels Distorsion

Hello to everyone. I am probably resurrecting an issue which has been discussed already on this forum.
I am currently experiencing on Rhino 6 Wip the same issue I am having on Rhino 5 (both running on Windows 7 Pro 64bit), when using the picture frames functionality (now called just “picture” on Rhino 6). I am trying to trace over a jpg imported as picture frame, getting a pixel distortion to the bottom of the picture. I started the work in Rhino 5 and then tried to continue on Rhino 6 to see if the issue persists. It does. In Rhino 5 this problem can be resolved by unticking “use accelerated hardware modes”, but in Rhino 6 I cannot find any solution. Still, I cannot understand why this happens and why I should work with this distortion, which prevents the lower part of the picture from being visible. If the issue is related to a hardware setting, should it not be applicable to the full picture, instead of just the bottom? I attach a series of screenshots showing my hardware configuration. This system is the same experiencing also very slow graphic performance in Rhino 6 when rotating objects, forcing me to be stuck on Rhino 5 still. It is certainly not the most up to date 3D Workstation, but if it works beautifully on Rhino 5, I cannot understand why it should not work similary, or even better, on Rhino 6. Thanks for your help Luca

Hi Luca - one thing I notice is that your AMD driver is three years old or so - I’d get the latest and see how that works.


Hi Pascal, many thanks. I will try that, although, officially, Apple and AMD no longer update these drivers. It seems that the new cool trend is replacing computer every year now.

Hi Pascal, my system, when using Rhino 6, keeps on freezing without any apparent explanation. I cannot do anything else apart from rebooting, as everything gets stuck, including keyboard and mouse. Is there any way that this error gets logged? Thanks Luca

Hi Luca - is the hardware Apple, and Windows is running on Bootcamp?


Hi Pascal, yes. It is a Macbook Pro 17". i7- 2860QM 2.5GHz, 12GB Ram, running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. with a Radeon HD 6700M. I have two machines of this type, both experiencing the same. In fact, I had to swap Hard Drive recently and the problem propagated. Thanks Luca