Picture frame problems

I’m having a couple of issues with picture frames in the wip.

In wireframe display mode -
If I create a new one it doesn’t show up at all in the viewport (not even the wireframe). The wireframe only shows when selected.

A previously created picture frame shows up solely as wireframe and the picture is only view-able in shaded mode. See pics below-

Wireframe mode

Shaded mode



till somebody replies in matters of if this is a bug, try SetObjectDisplayMode on the picture frame - setting it to rendered. maybe that helps for now, but i believe that should show as rendered automatically if you used a picture frame and if it does not show up at all till you click it then its probably a bug anyway.

Perfect! That sorted it out. Thank you Richard.

you are welcome, still i believe somebody should take a look
maybe @brian ?

Same thing here and this happens not just in wireframe it happens in my other viewmodes as well that were customized from the standard wireframe.

There is also a transparency problem with alpha channels that I sent a file in and no response.

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