What setting to not show rasters just in Rendered mode?

I dont want to see my PictureFrame rasters in rendered mode, but in the display tab with tick boxes I dont see one for rasters.
Rasters get called surfaces but I need to see the surfaces of the objects.

How do I hide rasters just in rendered view and still see them in shaded mode ortho views at same time ?



Could you just turn the picture off, or do you need it for other things?—-Mark

I need it in the ortho views.


in the view you want to change it-
use the
_SetObjectDisplayMode command and set your picture to be wireframe

it will display wireframe in that view and normal in all others.

SetObjectDisplayMode does not affect Picture(Frame) objects… No way (that I know of) to turn the image off.

oh dear, not even in V8 ?
Can it be scripted or something ?
if the displaymode works for a particular viewport, an off/on for a raster in the list would do it ?

if I made a layer called rendered and placed it on that, but that woulnt work either.

Oh strewth .

I needed to see if the chamfer was as per item so viewing it in rendered whilst viewing the raster in ortho was ideal, .


Maybe there should be a hide per view option. —-Mark

One way might be to convert the picture object into a normal surface with the image as a texture. Then the image would only be visible in Rendered mode. I think a script could be made to do that.

duh… you are correct about picture frames you can replace that picture with a plane- then make a custom material and apply a color map to it using the image you want for your picture.

then assign the per object display attribute to it in the viewport you want to modify.

Actually this script I made awhile back already does almost all of that. It creates a new surface where the Picture object was. What I forgot is that I had already re-attributed all of the object attributes to the surface, including the render material. So, it you run the script and select a picture, when you set it in Rendered mode you will see that the image is already there on the surface.

So all that is left to do is decide which viewports you still want to see the image in and use SetObjectDisplayMode>Rendered on the converted surface in that viewport. I can see if I can integrate that step into the script as well when I have a bit of time.

PictureKiller.py (1.5 KB)

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Finally got around to incorporating that in the script. Choose Picture objects, choose one or more viewports that the the image should still show in from the list, and go.

PictureReplacementTest.py (3.1 KB)