Photo drape on surface

This might be a very basic question, but I am a bit lost despite some digging. I have a DEM surface and a photo positioned directly above that surface in a pictureframe . What I want to do in ortho-project the image (directly downward to perpendicular to the pictureframe) onto the underlying surface is such a way that I can continue to edit the surface after the raster image is draped onto it. Can anyone point me to the methods?

Hi Willis -

Add the image as a texture in the Textures panel. (Panels menu)
Select the mesh, and in Properties >Texture Mapping page, choose Planar mapping. Probably you will want to use the BoundingBox > World options but it can be changed.
Drag the texture from the Textures panel onto the mesh.

Any luck?


Yes…super…easy as pie. Thanks for your help!

hey i"m trying the same but i cant rescale and replace the texture.

see photo, the lake on the photo is on top of the mountain. and is to small

can anyone tell me what went wrong and how i can correct it.

‘’ i cant rescale and replace’’ by this i mean that i can change the numbers but nothing happens.

i hope you guys can give me an answer,