How best to project a raster image onto a surface in ortho view?


Hi, I have scaled a logo in photoshop to fit my Rhino fuselage side view (Rhino imported to photoshop using ai).

I now wish to see the true height of the image when placed onto a curved surface, obviously taller when measured around a curve. So as to stretch it vertically in Photoshop before having it vinyl cut.

How best can I bring this raster image into Rhino along with the top and bottom fuselage extents and in my ortho side view, project it onto the fuselage surface ?

Anyone care to maybe even do a jing video projecting something onto a cylinder ?



Just switch to Rendered viewport, then follow the steps in the helpfile to place a decal.



Thanks for that,

I need to just ‘project’ it and find out its true height so hope the method doesnt involve me picking its height beforehand.

I could also do with the ability to pick points on my decal and indicate where on the models surface these should best fit, and have it rubber sheet map the decal as best possible to these locations. I have photo of an aircraft side taken at a very slight angle looking aft, and need to map this onto the fuselage to establish size of other markings.



As a test, I create a sphere, select my raster image then having chosen properties and add, and spherical, and using OnSrf (control and osnap) I pick the sphere then pick a centre, but try as I might, I cannot get the raster image to end up on the sphere. Hitting enter when it prompts to do so sees nothing result.

I need to align an image of an emblem on an aircraft fuselage to the CAD model of the fuselage, get the panel lines to match those in the image, then apply the raster image to the fuselage so that the panel lines match.

Its as if I need a translucent image in the foreground in perspective view, orientate the fuselage until it matches the image, then ‘project’ the image onto it.
Is decal the best way to do this, I don’t see a way of projecting it as such.



Yes, have you even tried it ? It works exactly as you describe. Go to a view which is near to the mapping direction, eg. Top view. Start the _Decal command, pick your image and just follow the command line.

btw. to get more detailed help, why not post the fuselage and image ?