Issues draping an image onto a mesh - [mesh turns black]


I’m trying to drape an image over a terrain mesh in Rhino. I’ve imported the image into the textures panel. I then select the terrain and click apply planar mapping, drag the box from one corner of the top view of the map to the opposite. ‘UV/UVW (UV UVW):’ appears in the command box and I click enter. I then drag the texture image over the terrain. And then… the terrain turns black… which is not the ideal turnout.

Hello- try applying a planar mapping to the mesh. ApplyPlanarMapping


Yes, that is the command I try to apply the image to the mesh.

Hello - please post a file with the mesh, or send to, with a link back to this topic, in your comments.


That file is huge so I tried with a different topography and smaller file size and had the same issue. So here is that file instead.

TerrainMesh_PlanarMapping.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - As far as I can see this works as expected here with a new texture. Do you see it in this file?
TerrainMesh_PlanarMapping_PG.3dm (1.7 MB)

@tjakubec - replaced with a V5 file.

Note the mesh is very far from the world origin, you might want to move it in.

Hi, it says the file was created with a newer version than Rhino 5 and couldn’t open it. Would you mind resending it for an older version?

Thank you,