Phantom objects

I created a display mode that uses the technical 2d display pipeline (under other settings) to have outlines and intersections that otherwise don’t show up. However, I get a bunch of phantom objects at 0,0 that don’t exist at this location, they look like block definitions. They disappear if I turn the intersections toggle off in the display parameters. I’m using Rhino 5 latest SR. Any ideas?

Hello - I doubt there is anything that can be done but if you post an ini file (Export from the display mode list) for the mode, I can at least confirm or deny…


Here it is …

_Rendered black edges.ini (44.6 KB)

REmember to turn intersections on to see the phantom objects

Hi Juan - thanks - I see odd things from blocks but related to Edges not Intersections in my case. It seems to be sorted out in V6.


Thanks Pascal.