Technical view mode shows things which aren't there

Here is the technical view mode:

And here’s the shaded view mode:

Wireframe mode where you can sort of make out some of the objects from the first screenshot:

So I recognize the objects in the technical mode, and they’re a part of the model but that’s definitely the wrong place for them! :laughing:

I also have a similar object on top of the model, so it’s not just on the ground plane:


EDIT: I found that moving the objects with the projections on them and then hitting undo can sometimes clear the ghost lines, but then they can instead appear on other objects!

I have faced similar issues and I think the technical display mode is due for an upgrade. It is completely unusable in its current state.

Edit. It’s just the technical display mode I have an issue with. Really love Rhino and the mcneel team for their support.

I wouldn’t go that far. It’s actually gotten a lot better since the last time I tried it. :+1: