Perspective Viewport in WPF application camera angle totally busted

Is there any way to get perspective viewport embedded in a WPF to actually…work. This is utterly busted - notice the craziness of the viewport axes bottom left:

I’ve attempted pretty much everything all to no avail:

  1. Setting the focal distance.
  2. Setting the view scale.
  3. Changing the frustrum.
  4. Setting from parallel project to perspective.
  5. Using two-point.

Nothing works. Any solution would be appreciated.

You should upload a sample of your plugin project exhibiting the issue. Sounds like a lot more information will be needed to solve your issue.

Our application is all WPF, and we are “moving” the rhino window inside of our window using pInvoke calls. We do not experience the issue you are describing, but then again you may be doing something completely different.