Can I embed the rhino viewport into a WPF?

Hi! I’m a student doing some research with my teacher on Architecture Vision Psychology with Rhino as a experimental tool.

Recently we came across a problem that the window of Rhino containing too many modeling command buttons which will never be used by our volunteers and is annoying when doing psychological experiments that require them to focus on the viewport only. What’s more ,sometimes we need to add some sliders or text box to allow them to record some data.

Our need sounds like constructing a Human UI Window. But since we need to control the camera and change the shader of objects, the 3dviewer of HumanUI is far from enough.
So I wonder if we can find a solution to embed the rhino viewport into a WPF?
the image below is why HumanUI is not enough and how I need it to be like (PS).
I’m not a English speaker. If I say something strange or not clear, forgive me!

afaik no.

Maybe have a look at