Perspective view problem

Hello guys,

I’ve recently expirenced a problem with the view in Rhino 7. When I go inside a model, I loose the definition of the space around my window frame. I took two screenshots, one from an old project and another one from now. On the second, the inside of the view is clean and I see perfectly all the solid elements. In the first one, the elements are kind of cut by a frame and I can’t see a good view from inside my model. Does anyone have an idea about it?

Hello - Can you please, in these views, turn on the camers (F6 key) and then in the Top view take screen shot of the scene as a whole including the camera?


Hello Pascal. I turned on the camers by pressing F6 key and I took a screenshot of the scene in top view. There’s a screen shot of the model, but I think there’s a step I didn’t understand you wish me to do.

Hi Pier - sorry, I was not clear - what I was thinking is that you’d get the view that looks correct in one case and incorrect in another. Turn on the camera while in that view - it will show up in the other viewports.I’d like to see the top view of the scene including the canera. I suspect the size of the camera compared to the size of the scene overall may be quite different in each case. (i.e. switch to a different viewport, don’t change the current view)
Or, just upload the files saved with the relevant views, saved small, zipped and sent via
Rhino - Upload to Support to my attention.


Hello Pascal,

I tried to copy-paste all my model in a new file. The view in the other is clean, as you will see in the pictures below. Like you said, it is probably a problem linked with the size of the camera. If you see something on the picture in the viewport section that could help, let me know. In any case, thank you for your help.