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I have a 500 files that i create buttons to import, in to my work place.
I have to travel with my external hard drive to plug in different computers, but when I am trying to use my customs bottom does not read correctly, and does not import the file in to my work place, instead is asking for me to choose a file.
any advice…
thank you .

I wonder if that portable drive is being recognized as a different drive letter in the different computers. I have a USB drive that is D drive on my desktop computer but becomes E drive on my laptop. If you’ve hardcoded the path to the files it might be asking you to choose a file because that hard coded drive doesn’t exist.

Just a guess.


thanks Dan
that is exactly what happen, on my computer is D and a different computer is E, i will try to chance the path to my drive.
is there any way not to hard coded the path to the files?

What did you use to write your script? Is it Python? If so you might be able to use os.path.exists to determine if the D drive exists and if not, then add code to use the E drive. Then both scenarios are covered. I’ve done something similar in a few of my scripts. For example, if the user can’t access our server, then the results of the script output to the local C drive. I’m just heading out the door for the weekend, but if you’re still struggling with this on Monday morning I could find some code to show you how I did it.



I am just dong the basic, maybe that is the problem, I am just a super beginner…
this is what I use for the buttons.

!_Import “G:\Settings\H310\H310 RD 4.25.3dm”