Python script place and toolbar importation

Hello!!! sorry for this post, but i didn’t find anithing about this:

where is the command to import toolbar i didn’t find it in option menu,
rhino 7:

rhino 8:

and where can i configure my script folder?
rhino 7:

rhino 8:

Hi -

Rhino Options -> Appearance -> Toolbars. Use the + button to open an existing rui file.

ok thank you, i don’t understand why toolsbar is in appearance… but why not…
and for call a python script, how can i do, i have to write all the fillpath in the buton?

I have a YT for it that will implement before 8.1

What does it mean?

Hi -

What is it that you don’t understand?

I think he doesn’t understand the meaning of

@onlyforpeace In more explicit language, it’s on the bug tracking list (YT) and they hope to have the bug fixed before the 8.1 version of Rhino is released. However the 8.1 designation may mean that it will not be in the first release version of V8.

Thanks, Mitch!
It could be the YT abbriviation as well? I’d have to guess, hence my question.

Well, technically, when it’s set to 8.1, the aim is to get it into 8.1. I.e. not before, but could be pushed back to some later point.

At this point, when a developer fixes something, they have to be very sure to not mess up the 8.0 branch that we have “stabilized”. By default, fixes will go into 8.x, which, at this point, is 8.1.

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Well, I just based my statement on

Sorry, but my English is so bad… I have to pass by a traduction application !!!:sweat_smile:
How can I test my toolbar… because rhino 8 does not recognise the path…

Hi -

For posterity, please keep completely different issues in different threads.

As for this one, I’m not sure what you mean.
What happens when you click the + button and pick “Open”?
Does a Windows Explorer window pop up where you can navigate to your rui file?
[Note: make sure to make a copy of your Rhino 7 rui file to be used by Rhino 8].

No, my problem is that my python script is launch by clicking on a tool of my personal toolbar… it’s ok to show the toolbar,but when I click on a icon, rhino doesn’t find the path of my python script folder,because I don’t know where I note the path…

Hello- - are you running scripts with the full path, or putting them in the Scripts folder and running with just the file name?

If the latter, you can try copying all the scripts from




I can see we need to make that happen, or the equivlant, more automatically…


Or, if you are not using the full path, they are not in the scripts folder and/or you do not want to copy them…

You can open the “old” script editor in V8 with _EditPythonScript and then under Tools menu in the editor, go to Options>Files, set the paths as you did in V7… It seems to work with my toolbar buttons in V8.

The old script editor is working…? Ok I’ll try it on Monday!! Thanks!

Yes, it still works.