Create library search button

Hi there

i want to create a button so that if i click the button i can chose a .3dm file in the right map.

For example i have a few standard doors. if i want to import a door i click on the button. then the button should me bring in the map “doors” in my library. So i can pick the right door.

i have tried this macro but it didn’t work.
! _-import
_browse “C:\Users\ruben\Documents\Doors”

Kind regrets

As an efficient alternative, you could use the Libraries panel and set a new path to each one of your prefered folders.

Hi Ruben - try

! -SetWorkingFolder "C:\Users\ruben\Documents\Doors" Import



Rhino doesn’t recognize the command SetWorkingFolder.



It is indeed an efficient aternative. but i think creating a button is a little bit faster.


In Rhino 5 the command is -SetWorkingDirectory, for some reason in V6 it was changed to -SetWorkingFolder

Try this on your button if you are using Rhino 5:
! -SetWorkingDirectory "C:\Users\ruben\Documents\Doors" Import