File () not found, unable to open

hey so I’m fairly new, but I’m having trouble getting this file to import in any file that is not itself. Rhino seems to be cutting off my path at “C:\Users” ignores “\n” in my file path, prompts to browse, and after browsing, continues in rhino with the rest of the path for the dimensions. If someone could please leave an example script for importing a file off the desktop it would be much appreciated.

Here is my code so far:
`import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

path = ‘“C:\Users\notimportant\Desktop\FILE.3dm”’
rs.Command(’_-Import {} _Enter’.format(path))`

You need to escape the backslashes: "C:\\Users\\notimportant\\Desktop\\FILE.3dm".

THANK YOU!!! I knew it had to be something simple that I was unaware of. Thank you so much!


works aswell.

With the single \ I was experiencing mixed results, the file would seem to like to import to itself but not others, or just work sporadically. not sure what was changing (if anything) between results.

As Nathan said, you need to escape the “\n” as it itself is a special case in strings, same goes for “\t” and others. With the “@” infront of your string, visual studio takes it literaly.
I see you use python, in python you can use


Thank you! That is good to know, I’ll keep it in mind