Performances Issues with LandKit running in Parallels

This is a really niche issue I’m having, hoping someone might have a suggestion.

We’re using the LandKit plugin in Grasshopper, which is running in Rhino 7 for Windows.

This is running in Parallels, on an M1 Mac Studio.

Rhino 7 SR29 7.29.23107.3001, Grasshopper build 1.0.0007, Windows 11 Pro build 22621.1702

Every time we try to make changes in LandKit, like say edits to paving stone patterns, everything slows to a crawl. Takes a few minutes before the window becomes responsive again, very very hard to use.

We took the same file over to a base-model Dell XPS 13 and it runs fairly well, so we’re pretty sure it’s an issue with the Parallels emulation/Mac silicon involved here.

Anyone else hit this, any tips/tricks for optimizing LandKit when trying to run it on Mac? Ideally LandKit would exist on the Mac and then we wouldn’t need this extra virtualization.

I’ve looked into this, and indeed performance on the Mac in parallels can be laggy. But I think I have identified the main issue. I would recommend previewing pavers as hatches rather than meshes on a Mac and things should be way faster. For some reason, at least on my M2 Macbook Air, that seems to be way more performant. There is something strangely intense about how it’s handling all those paver meshes.

I would recommend designing in the hatch preview mode in the workflow and then switch to meshes right before you need to bake them for rendering.