Rhino 7 does not respond to any commands

I am using Rhino 7 on Windows on Parallels on an M1 Max MacBook Pro. I had been using it for about a month with no issues. Now, it’s entirely unresponsive. I can open my model and pan around, but I can’t select objects and it’s not accepting any commands. I also can’t close the app – I have to use Task Manager to force quit every time. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Rhino and have even uninstalled V-Ray, the one plug-in I was using. How can I solve this?

Hi -

We don’t support running Rhino on Parallels. Having said that, do you know what changed on your system that might have made this stop working?

Was just able to solve the issue. Turns out this happens when the file is saved on the Mac side of my drive. When I copy it over to Windows, it works fine.

Thanks a lot for that info. This works for me too. It seems to be a Parallels issue. I can‘t install a plug in for Rhino (MADCAM). The installer says that the software can‘t be run on my system because it is designed for x64 processors… When I copy the software folders from my old computer to the new everything runs fine, only the icons in Rhino are not available. Is somebody out there who could help? I asked Joakim, the developer of MADCAM too. But I did not get an answer until now.