Windows Rhino on a Mac: Any conflicts?

I debated if this should go here or Rhino for Mac…

Are there any serious conflicts/limitations with using Windows Rhino on a Mac? I know Rhino for Mac has limitations, but I’m talking about running it in a Windows environment.

I’ll also continue searching the forum…



If you mean bootcamp, it works perfectly. If you mean parallels, it won’t be as smooth.

Hi Declan - I use Rhino on my macbook Air via Bootcamp when I’m not sitting here and I think it’s fine.


Great info, thanks guys. So plugins all work fine with bootcamp? grasshopper? rendering?

Even with Parallels it works OK for me. It’s just that McNeel won’t give much support, if any, if you do have something that isn’t working like it does on an actual Windows machine.

In 2012, when I got my Macbook Pro Retina, Parallels had some display issues with the Rhino version current at the time. I think that was 3 or 4 Parallels versions and as many OS X versions ago. It’s been a long time since I’ve run into any issues. On the other hand I don’t do any fancy rendering on the Macbook.

Bootcamp…no worries. Done so for years. 0 issues.

Parallels, Virtualbox, etc…no good. Basic lines, etc., ok. Eventually it will choke if doing anything heavy.

Paperspace or Frame (Pro iteration) totally viable alternative if such an approach works for you. Better than booting back-and-forth if you are trying to use your Mac.