Is Parallels the best option for a mac right now?

First off…Rhino is my favorite tool I ever used! I run 5 and ran 4 on Windows.

The ONLY reason I need a pc is to run Rhino. I’ve tried the mac wip and prefer the Windows interface, hands down. I tinker with Grasshopper and paneling tools, but would love to get more proficient at it

I started drafting with autocad, so I love the command prompt…and overall stripped down feel to running Rhino5 on my PC.

Now that 6 for windows is out…just wondering what the most solid way to run at this is.
A coworker is running Parallels but I’m wondering if that is the best route.
Does that reduce performance or features?

I would love to run native on the mac, but I’m pretty locked in to how it feels in v.5 on my pc.

Much appreciated!

Andy in Seattle

Parallels is Not supported.

Well, I began with VersaCad 1984. Never touched a Mac. My understanding is that McNeel only supports bootcamp, not parallels.:panda_face:

Versacad 84! Nice!

Been at this for awhile…but not that long.
I did however make blueprints before you could have a machine do it!

We do print for fabric tension frame systems…I have to jump into adobe apps a lot.
They just run nicer on a mac.

Illustrator and rhino make a great duo!

Thank you, sir.

Bootcamp is the only ‘solid’ method of running the Windows version on a Mac, since doing so is essentially a real native PC.

You may customize the Mac version to mimic the Windows version. The video below is a start. You can go deeper. I assure you that you can get close enough to overcome any brain solidification…

Performance and display features will be reduced in virtualization systems like Parallels. For running the Windows version of Rhino, boot camp will give you the best performance, then VMWare fusion and finally Parallels will be worst. VMWare Fusion supports a higher level of OpenGL features than Parallels which makes a big difference.

Is the mac version compatible with grasshopper? Paneling tools?
I’m sure running the mac version would be my best option.


Only makes sense.

Appreciate the input!

Yes, both grasshopper and paneling tools are available in the Mac version.