Performance problems MacBook Pro 2018 13"

I am coming to the conclusion that there are major and wide-ranging performance issues with V6 WIP / Beta on my MacBook Pro 2018 13".

I have huge problems with Raytrace view which are only partially mitigated with adjustment of advanced settings to restrict the resource utilisation:

And more recently with opening and saving of files:

I’m sure this cannot just be me. And given I have very few problems now with my Mac (it was replaced by Apple), I feel like there is likely a compatibility issue. Maybe with the integrated GPU?

raytrace will hog the entire gpu - have a high powered workstation and it still makes everything nearly freeze up…

Depends on whether a supported GPU is in the MBP or not. If it is an Intel GPU, then no hogging of GPU by Raytraced. If it is an NVidia GPU, no hogging of the GPU. If it is a recent AMD Radeon GPU then you get Raytraced potentially using the GPU - if set to do so.

Dear. I have a MacPro late 2013 with 2 AMD radeon cards and 16 cores.
Working in Rendered Display Mode brings many crashes all the time.
I have try to reduce regen frames from 5 to 1, enable fast preview in Cycles,
reducing integrator settings reducing SEED from 128 to 64…Nothing works.
Its very frustrating. Even working only by CPU disabling video cards my performance program
shows 4% of usage the Cycles still crashes.

Any Ideas? Thanks!

For those who hasn’t seen it yet:

I am MBP user (corporate stuff) and it drives me nuts: performane, keyboard, amount of cables I have to cary each time I leave office.

What display mode do you mean, Rendered or Raytraced? What Rhino version are you currently using, and on what OSX version? Would be useful if you pasted the text output of the Rhino command _SystemInfo