Perforated Screen ( Jitter)

I want to create a gradient effect in Y-direction. From the bottom to top the circle should disperse. I used the jitter command but didn’t get the desired output! Thanks in advance!

Perforated (16.4 KB)

Perforated (9.2 KB)


Is there a way that the circle disperses from the center to the sides?

Perforated (14.4 KB)


Thank you soo much!!!

Small thing: In the Sub List component the D input you need to subtract 1, otherwise you duplicate 1 point :wink:

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Sublist simply chooses a portion of the whole points. It has nothing to do with overlapping points.

It does. You are building a domain out of a list length. If you turn up the density to 1 you now are trying to get a sublist with indexes 0 to list length, meaning you will try to get 1 more point then there are points in the list. That will cause it to reference the first point twice, as you can see here:

You never notice it until you turn your input B up to 1 :wink: That’s why you need to subtract 1, so it remains correct even with a value of 1.

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I know… If you increase the value to 1.0, that’s not the gradient any more. :wink:

Okay. Well it’s actually very nice with the density at 1, so I fixed it for my version. By the way: as always thanks for the super simple implementation. I was already playing around with it and adding more things, that’s when I noticed the small oversight. Small things like this have caused some small bug somewhere later on so many times once the patch starts getting much bigger.

Another simple fix is just set the wrap indicies input to ‘false’.

Good idea. Still I think subtracting 1 will be more acurate. If you set density to 0.5 then you get exactly half of the grid points and not half the points plus 1 :wink:

Good eye!

How to copy-paste/insert images like these on GH canvas?

It’s in File > Save Quick Image. Then enable the preview. But its only overlayed on the screenshot, not the actual Grasshopper canvas.

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is it possible inside an uneven curve??

Perforated (13.2 KB)

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Perforated (16.2 KB)

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