Region Difference command

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

The Pattern not working ( The difference of the 2 patterns of the whole geometry)

Not sure how to resolve this, Please assist me
Residential concept mass 3.3dm (230.4 KB)
Attempt (49.9 KB)

I think what you’re doing with the Sub List component is problematic and you should be using Random reduce or some other logic. The Jitter input on the Jitter component takes one value and not a domain input. Furthermore the output of the Sub List component has a lot of duplicates…

What exactly are you trying to do here?

I am trying to create a hexagonal façade with a pattern that randomly generates how wide and small my windows are in the script. I was looking up a youtube tutorial that does this. I will link it in down below

Look at the Sub Domain component… You have two inputs going into Domain. You really only need one input and the correct one is the result of the multiplication.

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I cant believe I missed that! This resolved the issue!

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