Per renderer materials

Can we have a renderer dropdown on the top of the materials and the layers tabs so we can assigned materials to objects or layers based on the currently selected renderer?

Rhino emissive materials don’t cast light in cycles so I use Cycles Emissive materials but they don’t work in the Thea renderer (which has its own emitter materials).

I do NOT want to run around like a blue arsed fly changing materials on multiple objects and layers every time I want to switch renderers.

As for the dropdown: It should display one item for each renderer that Rhino has installed. If I uninstall a renderer then I get prompted to remove material assignments for that renderer. I could opt to leave them in which case the renderer item remains in the dropdown but is marked as for an uninstalled renderer (In case I want it back - maybe I have uninstalled it temporarily to investigate a crash).

The would be one item for the current renderer. If set then my material selections track the current renderer.

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