Pencil Sketch vibe with circles

I want to get this kind of result with GH and be able to control the circles radius .

I have done similar things many times with image sampler, etc. but in this case the thing is that it is not organized in a grid way or in a random way, is somewhere in between.
And i dont know how to play with attractors or with an image with gradient from image sampler to get the brightness for this kind of not regular image.

Someone knows how to achieve this kind of pencil sketch trace the image has ?

This is the best i got so far …

the way I see it is that you need to organize this in lines of points, where the points can have varying positional jitter per line. And then the size of the dots also has a bit of jitter.

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The jitter could work for the position of the dots with a bit of move in Y axis. but the radius with jitter gets kind of random and i would like the lines to be in a gradient way like the picture.

Would you share a screenshot of how to ?

What about using separate gradients to control the size and jitter?

Thanks, could you show me how to ?

I made an attempt, still needs some work:


This looks really well !
How did you achieve it ?

There are many ways to make variations
For the wavy position of points I’ll reuse that, but it is not mandatory because the wavy distorsion is quite limited

For the number of dot per lines you could also use a noise component to get random but correlated number of dots.

For the gradient I am not sure of the best function to do it, I can say it begin a 0 and end at 1. Sort of S curve could do the trick, with a random power.

wavy curves (22.2 KB)

By the way not always easy to replicate hand work, better reference to this work


As mentioned, still needs some work but see attached. You could further match it to the drawing by playing with the color of the dots and maybe steer the spacing (and size) of the dots with a gradient map. (26.6 KB)

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