Image sampler for drawing robot

Hi there,

Could anyone give me some idea of how this effect could be achieved with GH and the image sampler? I have a drawing robot that takes in vectors, which I can easily export as illustrator files from rhino and grasshopper.
So I’d like to experiment with the possibilities of the image sampler. But I don’t really know how to start controlling the waviness of the line with the grey value of each pixel.
Thanks for your help.

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You usually get the best help and the quickest response by uploading your code and files

Thanks FordEarl.
At this stage I have no decent code to show. Any direction would be much appreciated.

do you have a source image?

Like this ? (210.7 KB)


Oh wow that’s really good. I’ll give it a go this evening and post the result from the drawing machine.

you could also try this… (214.7 KB)


Thought I’d give you a quick update. I’ve made some experimentation and it’s giving interesting results.
FordEarl, your definition looks really cool. I’m testing it next!
Cheers everyone.

And some new images following @FordEarl definition. It’s great, thanks for that. I’m missing the remove duplicate points module from kangaroo, but it seems to work well, cheers.

I’m still trying things at a low resolution because of the robot’s small scale, but will try to push it next weekend.

Nice! thanks for sharing your results.

Hi Pierre,

Would it be possible for you to share the script that you put together to get straightened and wavy line segments as well? As mentioned in your ‘experiment’ of the post above; I am trying to figure out how you got it to look like contours and any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi Regee
thanks for sharing the definition.
I am having difficulties to present very bright tones…it presents them same like
dark ones… on your image it did the same .tried to adjust image in Photoshop
but did not get any better result . If you have any solution for it please let me know. I am not good with Grasshopper and will highly appreciate it