Cleaning and random extrude curves

Hello everyone , I’m creating this wavy and random deformation as you can see in the first picture and was wondering if there was a way to clean and to randomly loft or extrude it to get something like an urban park , with stairs and grass platforms or some buildings around(see sketch in second picture) , all done in grasshopper or should I re-draw as a independant drawing on my own ?

I put a third picture snapped from the forum to explain a bit what I’m trying to reach from this 2D composition

Please find the file attached , data is internalized (11.5 KB)

Depending on how many curve attractors you select and use them to transform, your base surface grid would be deformed accordingly. You don’t have to stick to the 2d planar curve attractor.
After that, you can create a deformed surface using Surface From Points. (14.1 KB)

hey KIM

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yeah I get it now , thank you very much for explaining it , yeah kind of got stuck in my head about the 2D plan but it’s all clear and thank you for the solution again .

Take care !