Stacking curves (How To)

Here a little script that enables to stack curves without (or quite) intersections.It was done to answer a question on this forum but as the one who asked doesn’t care I post it here

The logic is simple
Make a list of curve with same extension on X and Y. I used 4Dnoise here.

Divide the curves in points (400 points here) and find the minimum distance between 2 consecutive curves.

Moves the curves UP

wavy (26.3 KB)


Hi @laurent_delrieu!!

As always your exercise are amazing and helpful… sometimes it giving me inspiration in my GH codes.
I have a question for you. Is it possible to apply a fade on the perimeter of the tile or just on some sides?

Many thanks!!

if fade means flat for sure yes it is possible

wavy (24.4 KB)

well I’m thinking about 3D wavy lines… like the image I´ve added but applied to your 3d example.

There are many examples on how to do that in Grasshopper. It is quite the same as what I presented. Except it could be more simple to measure a distance from a curve (the rectangle) and then “fade” according to the distance.