PDF24 will not show landscape white with V5 and win10

Hi V5
Having used the Msoft PDF maker in V5 to overcome pdf24 and the landscape issue that arrived with win10, that being choosing landscape sees the white area remain portrait whilst the plan is landscape.

my printout of the pdf after opening it in pshop sees the neutral greys as pinky greys and I see faint pink streaks across the light grey areas.
I zoom in and its an artefact mess, low quality etc, but I cannot see where to alter it to top quality.

I then install the latest pdf24 v 11.11 as 11.9 installed a few months ago wont behave on landscape orientation .
reboot pc, still the landscape mode sees a portrait shape white area.

creata a pdf and open it and it is landscape, so V5 preview is at fault in win10. maybe I need an older version of pdf24 ?
and it has no megenta streaks etc, so Msoft pdf maker is at fault.

where does one alter Msoft to avoid crappy mode high compression ?


Hi again,
I need some help here. :frowning:
I have uninstalled PDF Creator v 11.11, as it will not give a white landscape shape to an A3 landscape layout , though when I print I get a correct A3 layout. with pinkish lines.

Msoft pdf maker is crummy quality and very pinkish streaks. At least it gives white landscape to match landscape layout. No control over quality.

I never had this problem with the earlier pdf24 Creator and Rhino V5 on win7.

I try for version 7.8.1 that was around in V5 days and win7, however all I get is a grey page !

I download pdf24 creator v8 but reckon its not same company, bug check it and get 3 warnings, bin it !
definite not same company !

I uninstall v7.8.1 and reinstall v 11.11, having downloaded it from www.lo4d.com this time. bug check fine.

Install it,

reboot pc and I have two pdf24 in the printer list, one delivers nothing and a grey screen instead of layout showing, the other shows that landscape layout and a portrait white area AGAIN…it launches pdf assistant.

I choose best quality and choose a destination and I get a pdf. NO PINK STREAKS. :grinning:

  1. how do I get rid of the pdf24 entry (for v 7.8.1) in the printer dialog as despite it being uninstalled from PC its showing up in Rhino, V5 and V7.

  2. why is V5 not showing a landscape A3 white when such is selected ? I have always used pdf24 sheep icon.

never had this in win7.


Hi Steve -

As always, I find it hard to read your posts but this seems like the only question in this thread that is relevant to this forum?
But I don’t understand what you mean by “not showing”.

Creating a landscape A3 PDF file seems to be working fine in Rhino 5:


Hi Wim.
I have always used pdf24 with V5 and win7, landscape option selected sees, or saw, a landscape shaped white aera with landscape shaped layout plan on it.

as per your Microsoft pdf maker image.
with win10 and V5 selecting landscape sees the white shape remain portrait, the layout is landscape, so they form a L shape.

I install Msoft pdf maker and then behold I get as per your image. BUT THE QUALITY IS AWFUL. I see no means of choosing best qlty. I have bad pink streaks across my pale greys.

I then install latest pdf24 (sheep logo) and still I have V5 giving the portrait white page with landscape shape layout view. or I get just a grey page, totally grey with printer menu at left.

I install an older one and still the same issue,
I then remove that in add /rem progs and yet it still shows in the printer menu now.

I then reinstall v11.11 and still Rhino V5 doesnt show me a view like Msoft PDF maker does, however I click print and it takes me to the pdf tools page where one chooses quality and so on, and I get a pdf of lovely quality AND its lanscape with the layout filling the sheet.

Its just that the V5 interface is a pain, when all was well in win7.

How do I rid the drop down menu of printer drivers that dont exist on my PC ?
i.e why does V5 retain a printer option when that was removed in add/rem progs.

I have pdf24 v 11.11 installed and yet V5 shows PDF24 PDF and also PDF24 , i.e two entries in the drop down list.

ALSO V7 ALSO SHOWS THE TWO, yet add/rem progs has just PDF24 Creator 11.11.0

I keep selecting the dead one.

just where in the Msoft one is the quality setting ?


Go into Windows > Printers and Faxes and you will probably find two identical PDF printers, delete one of them.

ok, Done that, one said error, zapped that, then look in on the page with coloured 3D icons, just PDF24 and PDF24fax,
reboot PC, lookin on photoshop, and both PDF24 and PDF24 PDF are still there,
ditto Rhino V7 and V5

for a moment that sounded like the fix.


I have solved it, article on internet about spooling list.

HOWEVER still the visual issues.

  1. select pdf24 and we get this:-

then try v7 and also same problem

then try pdf24 fax and it shows ok

then try for pdf24 again and we get this

it will however print a landscape, and offers quality choice combo list. and result is EXCELLENT. no streaks,

so try Msoft print to PDF

but NO OPTION to select quality at all, and the result is suffering artefacts, high compression, a mess.
gives pink streaks on pale grey.

so whats going on ?