Print as pdf sees a grey screen or half my layout in win10

I have come to continue my plan making from 5 months ago, having rebuilt PC to win10 64bit pro and installed all my softwares and latest versions etc, and first use of Rhino again, and deciding to continue with V5 just to see all is as before.
HOWEVER I select print and use my trusted PDF24 prog as before, the layout view is only part showing yet its A3 and I have chosen A3 and also 1 to 1 scale.

…and after trying some other settings such as window and also extent, going back to layout option, now its just a grey area, i.e. screen is a solid grey to right of the print dialog menu, then choose A4 and I see my items, but half only as one would expect, choose A3 and the A3 layout does not appear, I cannot get to happen what has always worked before.

I reboot PC and go back in and all is grey.

not sure why it says A4 16inch !

I try for window >set and position the A3 perfectly on the layout then hit enter and back to a grey screen :weary:

I try portait and see image, select landscape and now get this, it wont go landscape !

I open another that had been completed and look at settings, they are as per my current choices, I print that and get 41.3cm not 42cm long edge, check scales etc and all are correct. Print again and this time its 42cm.

Is it PDF24 and win10 or V5 and win10 or a combination of both ?

I know PDF24 worked with RhinoV5, of course now I am with the win10 PDF24 latest.

Never had this before, unable to pdf a plan !

Whats going on ?

Also in File explorer the large thumbnail for the pdf shows a complete one yet open it and only parts show up. close and try again and now its complete,

I am not liking win10 at all so far, just one problem after another, give me win7 anyday ! All has been done absolutely by the book, install by experienced PC builders, all latest hardware. backup before next prog gets installed etc. even the screen saver wont work unless I unplug the joystick, then now its failing sometimes, all SSD’s yet the OS is forever thinking about something, win7 far quicker.



Hi Steve -

I’m afraid we can’t help you with that one.
In Rhino 5, Microsoft Print to PDF seems to work fine.

I choose that instead from dropdown list and behold I am back to normal.
A3 landscape is seeing the full A3 where it should do.
I print and look at result, but I am now with a fine see through grid all over the print when I open it into Pshop, (always check them as such)

1 3/8 inch square.

Not visible in the Rhino interface.

What do I turn off or on to fix that ?

I try for the PDF24 but landscape sees it as portrait, clearly something wrong with PDF24 and win10 and Rhino5 now, works ok in pshop.


Do you have this checked?

Hi, No, only locked objects checked.
In adobe reader I see no ‘see through’ grid.

I try opening plan18b into Rhino V7, I print from there using Msoft print to pdf, and again get this 1 3/8inch see through grid when the pdf is opened in photoshop. Also I see areas of transparecy with large chunks of the chequerboard.
I then try for PDF24 and it behaves itself, landscape IS landscape, looking like it should do, I print a pdf and open that into Pshop and again see that see through grid !
Now I never have had see though grids from PDF24 before.
The only difference here is win10, as PDF24 (is latest update), CS6 the same, win10 new.

I get a friend to create an A3 size image 200dpi in Pshop ( he has Pshop CC, I have CS6 as I dont do subs, and he is win10), he prints a pdf using Msoft print to pdf, and opens it into Pshop and it has a see through grid !!!

I dont see a grid when viewed in Acrobat reader.

I dont see my dims in V7, as they are 1:10 scale, why I want to see this job through in V5, as I have also property overides to cram dims in as well, I dont have time to mess about altering all the different styles.

It looks like there is some gremlin in all this, win10 causes rhinoV5 to not work with latest PDF24.
Rhino 7 does work with PDF24.

I will have to use Msoft print to pdf IF it has no grid when printed on an A3 printer.

…but why are two versions of Pshop showing a see through grid when using Msoft Print to pdf ?