PDF prints wrong page orientation


When printing layouts to a pdf (pdf-creator). I sometimes get a pdf with the pages in wrong orientation (landscape vs portrait).
For instance the first page is correctly set in landscape but the rest of the pages are printed in portrait although correctly displayed as landscape in Rhino and it’s print preview.

Does anyone else get this? I can try and make an example when I find the time.


Hi Willem- I just tried with CutePDF and is looks correct to me so far.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for checking, I just tried to make a test file, it comes out oriented portrait when I printed and setup as landscape, no mixed orientation though. Will send if I can reproduce that.

test_orient.3dm (84.0 KB) test_orient.pdf (39.4 KB)

Can someone try and print all layouts as setup(landscape mode) and verify the PDF is oriented landscale as well? It would determine if my pdf-printer is faulty (PDFCreator)


Printed PDF all 4 here with AdobePDF and they all stayed landscape… --Mitch

Thanks Mitch.
Guess I have to find a new PDF printer