Pdf vector make gives thick edges to hairline edged fonts drawn and ai also a mess

I have been ultra careful all alphabet characters drawn up using curve tool are closed curves, hairline thickness.
When cut in vinyl the text stroke widths are 2mm

Bureau says opened pdf see stroke width 0.8mm and 0.6mm etc

What ???

Then I discover their system is reading some thickness the process of File>print selected items as vector pdf output has made, (using pdf24) zoom in on pdf and my hairlines are thick, so now a 2mm wide text stroke is with 0.8mm black lines. At high mag they are wriggly., but too high to upset knife.

What happened to the hairlines the blade is supposed to follow. One company said ai workable needs fixes , lots to close up, extra £50 , thats 120% more fee, but pdf no good.

Then there are an array of radiating lines beyond the edge of a triangle, certainly not in my original rhino file.

Why when the original was perfect is this mess occurring, as this is time critical work …its embarrasing to submit this to them.

What settings would give ai as hairline and closed shaped remain closed ? (all are planar, all drawn in front view)
What settings make pdf not allocate some thick line to my work, and in places its thicker than other places yet all lines were ‘default’ in layers pallette.


Can’t you just export as .ai and in .ai select all and set the stroke width to 0? Why are you printing to PDF?

Rhino curves themselves don’t have width, but when “printing” there has to be some width assigned in order for things to print. I imagine the PDF exporter is doing that. AI seems to assign a a default stroke width of 2 points if you don’t do anything else…


Vinyl cutting software should be able to take DWG/DXF instead with no line thicknesses.

I dont have AI , they asked for ai, they also asked for vector pdf so I selected vector pdf.

I also made a dxf but they dont use dxf.

Tried 3 different bureaus, all are running with the ai. having seen the pdf.

I opened the ai into affinity designer, couldnt see anything, otherwise in there I could have applied hairline or something.

Also had lines running south east from a simple triangle, when I copy pasted that triangle into a new file and exported that as ai, then examined that in rhino, it was less the lines.

I dont seem to have a prog to examine the ai in.

have spotted that one layer with some work on was set at 0.5mm, that explains the pdf thicknesses !..slaps head !