Hairline Print Width

I had some drawings printed at a bureau (from PDFs saved out of Rhino) yesterday. The lines that are ‘Hairline’ width are barely visible. Printing the same PDF on my home (inkjet) printer the line widths are OK. This made me realise that clients could potentially have the same problem if they print from PDF’s that I send them.

I don’t want to make the lines any wider than the minimum needed to guarantee clear printing, no matter what the printer. As a starting point for setting a default ‘fine’ line width can anyone tell me how wide the Rhino ‘Hairline’ line width is?

Hello MattE
’Hairline’ is an instruction to the printer to print the thinnest line it can. As the printer struggles to do this, the line often gives out. It should never be used, in my opinion, for printing purposes. I usually assign a linewidth of 0.075mm, which works in most cases, although I have gone as narrow as 0.05mm in areas where the line-work is very close. Basically, ‘Hairline’ isn’t an actual width and you should always assign an actual width for printing, especially if you are using an unknown printer.

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Thanks Tony. I already have print widths of 0.05 and 0.08 set up, so will give those a go. Not having easy access to a printer/printers with which there’s a problem makes this a potentially tricky issue to resolve, so your insight is valued!

I have just been asked about the ‘Hairline’ width as well and thought it might be restricted to the printer capability.

Also, is the only way to add extra line weights to edit the ‘printwidths.txt’ file? And therefore this would need to be done on each computer as it is read from the local drive. Is that correct?