Pdf through python : missing lines


I think that usually there is no issue with pdf object since a while but today I found errors in my drawings.
I can’t figure out how to print all the lines of my layouts. Maybe since last update few weeks ago.

Here is my python code and a stripped down rhino file.
Any idea ?

createPdfFromLayout.py (608 Bytes) example.3dm (66.3 KB)

HI @lahos,

This could be a regression in the Rhino print code, as even printing by hand does not work from your file, I’m not totally sure though as i mostly print in frame. At least there is definitely a bug in the print preview -> result portion:

Rhino seems to get confused because the polylines are mostly out of frame?

@stevebaer, can you take a look what is happening here?

By the way.

When modifying a layout format through _LayoutProperties, when units are changed, the width and height values do not scale themselves to the units selected. It seems to be related to custom size format.


update : according to release 2019-11-18

  • LayoutProperties command seems to work know.
  • But rhino pdf still not working. I’m able to print through PdfCreator though (virtual pdf printer).