PDF print problem

For whatever reason, I can’t print text with the layouts in this file…

The original file contained 200 layouts generated with FabTools.

For a quick test I created one layout manually and it printed text so something is telling me my 200 layouts do contain some sort of a problem?

What’s a working solution to generate a certain number of layouts based on a list of planes and detail scale?

If someone has a python or C script which does the above, I’d appreciate if I could use it.

21_03_12_print_problem.3dm (1.0 MB) 21_03_12_print_problem.pdf (553.9 KB)

there is a script but you will get all pdfs rastered not in vector


Why is everything in my layouts rastered?

try this script batch plot layoutov rhino.py (752 Bytes)

I’ll give it a try later, thanks

Hi Martin -

Are you seeing the issue with the files that you posted here? It seems that all the text that is visible in the Rhino file is also present in the PDF file that you attached…

ou sorry i thought you had problem with printing to PDF not creating layouts with details.

But it is rastered and not actual text in the PDF

Since I can’t print text with the 200 generated layouts I’m afraid I have a problem with the creation of the layouts