Pdf maker V6 beta

When i print with the pdf feature it does not put the dimensions in the right position.For instance in the drawing they are above the dimension line but in the pdf they are under the dimensionline. It allso happens in the cute pdf maker.

regards, René

Sounds like this one might be related:
Vector Printing Bug With Dimensions

As @lowell writes, this might have something to do with converting from RH5 to RH6. Can you post a file?

It is a 75 mb file. How can i upload this? I built the object from scratch in V6 so no converting from V5 has taken place.

It probably is the same bug. When i print in raster all dimensions are on the right spot. Not sharp though.

I think 75 mb is within discourse’s capability. Just use the uplink icon at the top of the reply screen. (5th from right: horizontal line at bottom with up-pointing arrow).
If you have time, it would be helpful to reduce a copy of your file to just the offending parts that show the problem and upload that.

75 Mb is too big. Max is around 20 Mb.

As Al writes, try to make the simplest possible file that exhibits the issue. Perhaps just a line and a dimension?

Are you using a personal template file on startup or a factory-default RH6 template?

keukenkast 09-11-2017 small.3dm (17.3 MB)

This is only the object without the 2d drawing

I use a personal template.

Hoi René,
I’m not sure what you want us to find in here…
Preferably, a simple file only has geometry pertaining to the problem - so not several layouts with borders and curves far from the origin (like that circle that is 70 meters away in your file).

At any rate, I only found dimensions on page A3 1:10 and when I printed that sheet to PDF, it came out looking the same as what is in that file.

Are you trying to get a layout page to PDF? Or a modeling viewport?
Are you using Print or SaveAs?

Also, is your custom template originally a RH5 file?

Hi Wim

i realize now that the base of the drawing is a v5 template i made myself and yes indeed it is too far off from the origin. Thnaks, i will fix that.
There were a few issues i encountered working with this file. One was that it is really slow. When i use dimensions and click on a point it freezes for a few seconds. The other one is that when is use make2D in a perspective viewport it turns out a 2d drawing without the hidden lines and with some extra strange drawings. I only have this in my original file, not in the one i amde smaller. And offcourse the problem with the dimensions shifting.
You ask me what i want you to find here. Well i am just trying to help developing V6 by reporting bugs.

Regards, René

Hoi René,
Zeer goed dat je probeert te helpen! :wink:
Ik stelde die vraag enkel omdat er veel meer dingen in dat bestandje zaten dat wat er nodig is om een bug duidelijk te maken. Ik wist gewoon niet waar zoeken.

Lowell laat weten dat hij het probleem met positie van de dimensies opgelost heeft. In de volgende BETA versie zal je dat kunnen testen.

Verder zijn er duidelijk een aantal problemen met jouw bestand of PC. Opdat McNeel dat verder kan nakijken hebben ze wel het bestand nodig. Je kan grotere bestanden uploaden via deze pagina. Je kan dan best het ePost adres van Pascal (pascal@mcneel.com) gebruiken en verwijzen naar dit gesprek of naar dat ander. [Gewoon de url kopiëren en lijmen].

Ha Wim
ik heb hem doorgestuurd en ben benieuwd wat er aan de hand is. Bedankt zover.